The setting


We believe children learn through play and experience, by working things out for themselves. A stimulating activity, a little supervision and time to explore, is all children need to discover the world they live in. During their time with us, our children learn three very important things, to think, to say and to do.


Think about problems, think about their friends feelings, think about their own feelings. Self-awareness and the awareness of people around them is vital for growing into a kind, conscientious child, with good reasoning an problem-solving skills.


The ability to communicate, with adults and peers is essential to expressing themselves, asking for help, and generally chatting with friends. Communication isn’t just about speaking, but listening and understanding too. Learning they have a voice is important to a child and gives them confidence to find their feet in this world.


Touch it, taste it, hold it, feel it, explore it. There is so much to see and do in our setting, from the wide range of toys in our small world area, to the paint and play dou in the messy corner, to the sensory toys in the quiet area. That is just inside, outside is full of things to discover, both in the setting and out on walks into the local community. Children don’t learn by watching, they learn by being active and doing it for themselves.


 We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage in the setting, and follow children’s progress and development through Tapastry, an on-line learning journal. We share all our photos and observations with parents and encourage them to share similar experiences with us, through the setting.


WOW wall.

Our wow wall is a poster board where we identify children’s achievements, both in setting and at home and praise them during circle time.







Our setting is sectioned into different areas, to help children find their way around. All the resources are stored in low level, easy access storage to encourage children to make their own choices. Although these have to be requested due to our Covid changes, everything is labelled and available for use.


The reading corner is a great place to sit with friends, read a book, or have a quiet moment. Staff are always on hand to read to individuals and small groups at any time throughout the day. We have a selection of borrow books, which children are able to borrow from the setting to read at home for a week or two.


The craft area has everything accessible for children to pick their own activity, glue, paint, crayons, pompoms, it’s their choice.


Dressing up and role play has changed this year, with the removal of all fabric dress up. We have moved over to easy to wash props to spark imaginations. From a café to a doctor’s surgery, this area changes to match children’s interests and experiences.