Fee for childcare


  3-4 year olds 2 year olds Under 2s
8am - 9am £5.00 £6.60 £7.70
8.30am - 9am £2.50 £3.25 £3.75
9am - 12am £14.50 £18.50 £22.00
12am - 3pm £15.00* £19.00* £23.00*
3pm - 6pm £5.00 per hour £6.50 per hour £7.50 per hour
Full day 8am - 6pm £45.00* £60.00* £75.00*

* A packed lunch is required for these sessions. Please ensure there are no nut or egg products brought into the setting.

We are open all year, however term time only places are available.


Registration Fee

We charge a registration fee of £35, to be paid at registration to secure the place. This money is refunded on termination of the contract, subject to all fees being paid to date. It is non-refundable if the place is not taken up.

Late fees.

We charge a late collection fee, for children who are not collected by the end of their sessions of £5 per 10 minutes.

For emergencies, please telephone the setting prior to the end of the session with the reason for lateness for a waiver of the fee at the manager’s discretion.

Late payment fees.

A fee of 10% will be added to fees not paid by the due date. Additional fees of 10% will be added to all unpaid amounts with each reminder invoice required.