Opening Hours / Fees

Fee for childcare


  3-4 year olds 2 year olds Under 2s  5 - 9 year olds
8am - 9am £5.00 £6.00 £7.00 £4.00
9am -12pm £15.00 £18.00 £21.00 £12
12pm- 3pm* £18.50 £21.50 £24.50 £15.50
9am -3pm* £33.50 £39.50 £45.50 £27.50
3pm - 6pm £5.00 per hour £6.00 per hour £7.00 per hour £4.00 per hour

* This includes the cost of a hot dinner and pudding, provided by HC3S

We are open all year, term time only places are limited please enquire for availability.  


Registration Fee

We charge a registration fee of £35, to be paid at registration to secure the place. It is non-refundable if the place is not taken up.

Late fees.

We charge a late collection fee, for children who are not collected by the end of their sessions of £5 per 10 minutes.


Payment Terms

Fees are payable monthly in advance and invoices are issued on the 1st of the month. One month’s fees are payable on commencement. In the event of your child not commencing at the beginning of the month, then we will invoice you from your child’s first day for the remaining of the month. 

Subsequent months fees are payable in advance and must be paid in full by the 15th of each month. All late fee payment of 10% of outstanding balance will be charged to your next invoice.


Fees continue to be payable if a child is absent or on holiday (please inform your child’s key person if your child will not be attending for any reason i.e. illness, holiday or just having a family day. This is so we can mark your absence with the correct code.) Fees are payable for all booked sessions. Each child’s attendance at the nursery is conditional upon continued payment of any necessary fees. If it is for a sustained period that fees are unpaid the setting reserves the right to reduce your child’s attendance.

Should issues arise regarding fee payments please do communicate with us promptly so that we can do our best to work with you and accommodate your circumstances.

 Any changes to your child’s contracted hours must be discussed with the setting and are at the manager’s discretion. Additional hours can be requested, subject to availability. These sessions will be added to your next invoice.




For emergencies, please telephone the setting prior to the end of the session with the reason for lateness for a waiver of the fee at the manager’s discretion.

Late payment fees.

A fee of 10% will be added to fees not paid by the due date. Additional fees of 10% will be added to all unpaid amounts with each reminder invoice required.