Policies and Procedures

Peapod Nursery School policies and procedures

Policy description Policy link Last Updated
Child protection and Safeguarding Children Child Protection Policy
The Application process Admissions Policy March 2018
Behaviour Policy Behaviour Policy March 2018
Confidentiality Policy Confidentiality Policy March 2018
Equality and diversity Policy Equality and diversity Policy March 2018
Grievance Policy Grievance Policy March 2018
Procedure to follow in the unlikely event that a child is lost Lost Child Policy
Details about Special Educational Needs Policy Special Educational Needs Policy
Policy to ensure all children are kept safe and well Wellbeing Policy March 2018
Children’s rights and entitlements Children’s rights and entitlements September 2020
Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults September 2020
Looked after children Looked after children October 2020
Uncollected child Uncollected child October 2020
Missing child Missing child October 2020